Wakefield for Refugees

Wakefield for RefugeesThe village of Wakefield, Québec, just up the Gatineau River from Ottawa, is sponsoring a family from Syria who are refugees from the conflict there. A group called Wakefield for Refugees has raised $30,000 so far, and hopes to raise more and sponsor a second family. Last week they organized a language class in beginner-level Arabic for villagers, to help the newcomers feel more at home when they arrive. 40 people showed up in a local café, including some children. The enthusiasm and good will is tremendous. It’s the Canadian way.

My brother and I went to the Christmas craft fair in Wakefield this weekend, mainly to get a Christmas tree. Lots of people were out in the unusually mild weather, including volunteers at this Wakefield for Refugees table.

مرحبا بكم في كندا.
Welcome to Canada.
Bienvenue au Canada.