Kourion was an ancient city-state on the south coast of Cyprus. It’s an acropolis, situated on a promontory overlooking Episkopi Bay. Today, the site lies within the sovereign British base of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, and it’s managed by the Cyprus Department of Antiquities.

Most of the ruins you see are from the time of the Roman Empire. I took a photo of a mosaic showing two gladiators in combat in the “House of the Gladiators.” The Agora is extensive, and the ruins of it are overlaid with small houses from the early Christian era and the Byzantine Empire.

Larnaca, Cyprus

It’s the off-season in Cyprus. That means the tourist hoardes haven’t yet arrived, and more of the place itself and its people show their true character. So far, Larnaca, Cyprus lives up to its reputation as a laid-back small city.

This is the Church of Saint Lazarus in Larnaca. It’s a Greek Orthodox church, founded in the 9th century. The reputed burial place of Lazarus – his second burial, of course! – was discovered on this spot in 890, and the church built over it. Most of the relics of Lazarus were removed to Constantinople, but some remain in the church in Larnaca. The church architecture is a mix of Byzantine, Gothic, Baroque, and Rococo style, as befits an edifice constructed over a period of a thousand years.