“Statue of Love” by Tamar Kvesitadze

Statue of Love, Batumi, GeorgiaInstalled at the harbour entrance to Batumi is a kinetic sculpture known locally as Ali and Nino. Properly called Statue of Love, and created by the artist Tamar Kvesitadze, it consists of two metal figures, a man and a woman, who move together, merge, and then move apart over a 10 minute cycle.

Statue of Love, Batumi, GeorgiaThe moving sculpture tells the story of Ali and Nino, ill-fated lovers in the mold of Romeo and Juliet. The Azerbaijan youth Ali falls in love with the Georgian princess Nino, but dies in defence of his native land. This is a timeless tragedy, which can be easily adapted to the fierce and divisive loyalties of the south Caucasus lands.

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  1. I just saw this looking up statues and Sabta, and geography.
    It is beautiful. Now I want to go on a Statue Tour. I thought the fall leaves would be good of light houses.
    Statues is sounding like a better idea. And it moves. How awesome.
    Thanks for making it. Sure hope I get to see it one day in person.
    I’ll share it on my FB page tomorrow. I gotta sleep now.
    Good night,

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