The Ottawa Senators, Old School

Original Senators FansBack in 1990, when the campaign was underway to restore the Senators hockey club to Ottawa, we got these original logo jerseys, and have been wearing them to games ever since. Here’s my brother Robin and me, at Sunday night’s game at The Palladium, when the Ottawa Senators played the visiting Winnipeg Jets. The Sens Army was in full roar, and our home town heroes — although plagued with injuries to star players — emerged triumphant, with a 4-1 victory.

There wasn’t even a team when we started wearing these jerseys, and by the time they hit the ice the logo had changed to an inferior design without any reference to Ottawa. Even if no one else gets it, we know that’s the Peace Tower in the middle — and that’s Ottawa!

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  1. My brother bought back in the 90s a jacket that was black and had the logo of the Senators on the front but on the back it had what you are wearing on your jerseys on the front. He would love to find it again, do you of some place that would be able to track it down?

  2. The first “dynasty” of the Ottawa HC was from 1903 until 1906, when the team was known as the “Silver Seven”.

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