An Urban Garden

An Urban GardenEven in the middle of the “concrete jungle” nature can thrive, given the slightest encouragement. A tiny oasis has emerged on my balcony this summer. House plants that survived the curtailed light of winter have their reward in the long sun-filled days we now enjoy; herbs have sprouted and now are providing a fresh addition to tasty salads; and native wildflowers and grasses poke up from odd corners of pots and planters.

Here is a resident of my urban garden that I cannot identify. It is supposed to be a native eastern Canadian wildflower, but I am open to the possibility that an exotic interloper has found its way into my balcony planter. As you can see, it is now (in mid/late-August) sprouting these beautiful midnight blue flowers with pointed petals. The bees have already discovered it, and are happily gathering its pollen. I am only an enthusiastic amateur gardener, and I am sure that some expert out there can set me right about this unexpected but delightful wildflower that has made its home amidst the brick and concrete of downtown Ottawa.

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