Altan Urag

Altan Urag drummerI am listening to Altan Urag – Folk Rock Band. I heard them play Monday night, July 11, at “Mongolians” restaurant in Ulaan Baatar. They play with traditional instruments like the horse-head fiddle, and do male throat singing and female long singing in the Mongolian style, but it is all amped up to produce rock music unlike any I have heard before. I found their official web site here:

Our guide in Mongolia, Baghii, says that Altan Urag is her favourite band. When she saw I had bought their CD in the State Department Store, she thought that was so cool — that a foreigner would be interested in “local” music.

Plus, Altan Urag has a girl drummer. Now that is something I think is so cool.

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  1. Is that a real person in the picture? The picture looks very mysterious like a ceremony of shaman’s gathering.

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