a Cosmopolitan cocktailHello world! I’m Michael MacKay … empire builder and public hero. No, that’s not me, but the character Robert Conway, played by Ronald Colman in the film “Lost Horizon.” I would indeed like to have written a book where I said (as supposedly did Conway): “There are moments in every man’s life when he glimpses the eternal.” You will find here something more modest, but perhaps interesting nonetheless.

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  1. This picture gives me the idea of something different. I’ve been looking at it for some time and couldn’t figure out where I could see it before. It’s like “dezha-vue” (the Russian word), I don’t know how to put it into English.

    1. Ha! There is no English — we use the French “déjà vu” just like Russians do! Because “already seen” sounds mundane, and doesn’t sound right to fit the mysterious feeling of déjà vu. The photograph here has an abstract quality I like, but it is in fact a filled martini glass sitting on a window sill, and outside there is snow, a line of trees, and raindrops on the glass of the window.

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